SPARK Green Offset Program


The SPARK Green Offset Program is the first of its kind in Alberta. Through this unique program, individuals and businesses now have the opportunity to purchase locally generated Green Energy Offsets from small solar, wind or other renewable energy generators of their choosing.

Alberta’s electricity market was designed for large utility-size generators burning fossil fuel, not for small renewable generators. It will take a very long time for small generators to be treated fairly in this market. SPARK’s Green Offset Program cuts through the red tape and regulatory barriers, allowing our customers to freely support renewable energy generators of their choice. SPARK Green Power Rate customers can support a local wind farm, bio-fuel project, a group of solar/wind micro-generators in their community or a solar installation on a local school. Finally there’s a local green power alternative, made by Albertans for Albertans!

As for the green generators, they just need to register with SPARK and we take care of the paperwork. When customers select a renewable energy project or a specific group of micro-generators, we ensure that their financial support goes directly to the generators through an open and auditable process.

Why choose SPARK over other green energy providers? Well, since SPARK is a renewables-focused co-operative, we are not looking to make corporate profits from this service. We exist only to provide a renewable power source for our customers and to contribute towards a sustainable future for generations to come. Choosing a co-operative means putting your local community first. Choose green community power with SPARK!

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How does it work?

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