SPARK Certified Green Generator Registration

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Here’s your chance to change the electricity landscape in Alberta for solar and wind in three easy steps!

If you are not already a SPARK member, you will need to sign up as one first before you can register as a SPARK Certified Green Generator. To sign up as a SPARK member, please fill up our online SPARK Membership Application Form

Next, you will need to download the SPARK Green Offset Program – Terms and Conditions and Registration Form. Please carefully read through our Terms & Conditions to clearly understand the mechanics and conditions of this program. Once the form has been completed and signed, please email it to

Once we have processed your request, we will send you a confirmation email with your assigned SPARK Certified Green Generator ID code which will correspond to your generator category and the order in which you registered as a SPARK Certified Green Generator. For example, YYC-SOLAR-001 corresponds to the first micro-generator registered in the Calgary solar micro-generators category. Your monthly exported energy (kWh) as measured by the utility will be registered as a Green Energy Offset in SPARK’s offset registry. These registered Green Energy Offsets will remain in SPARK’s offset registry until purchased and retired by Green Power Rate customers or until unretired offsets are returned to the generator upon their exit from the program.

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How do you determine the compensation for each generator?

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