List of SPARK Certified Green Generators


Optimist Wind Energy is an independently owned and operated energy company offering opportunities for investors to enter the green energy sector. Over the last decade, Alberta has seen a huge increase in the development of wind energy. The area around Pincher Creek was the first to be developed due to the consistent and predictable high winds.

Optimist Wind Energy was established early in the Pincher Creek region obtaining two sites that are proven to have the most favorable conditions to produce consistent high returns.

Optimist Wind Energy is a privately owned company with the head office in Calgary, Alberta. The assets include two wind turbines on two separate leases near Pincher Creek and prospective locations in Southern Alberta.

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Currently, 39 solar micro generators from across Alberta have registered as SPARK Certified Green Generators and we have more in the waiting list! The more SPARK Green Power Rate customers we have, the more micro generators we’ll be able to support in the province.

Meet one of our featured solar micro generators in the following video: