The Idea

SPARK was Alberta’s first member-owned retail power co-operative focused on green energy. It was an idea born from the aftermath of the great Albertan power deregulation experiment, fathered by a clear gap in the retail power choices available to Albertans, with few taking a real serious look at green energy options – until now. At SPARK we believed that we can do much better for conscientious Albertans by working together to take the role of power retailing into our own hands, and together, start moving the needle on how Alberta produces and consumes its power.

The Solution

We lived up to our promise and goal by becoming the only wholly member owned provider of local, Made-in-Alberta renewable energy. In January 2016, we merged with another retail power co-operative, Northern Lights Energy and Power Ltd., to form Alberta Co-operative Energy (ACE) for the good of the community. We have combined our vast networks, professional staff and over 25 years of trusted industry experience to provide better energy products and services for our customers and member-owners.

We still continue to offer our SPARK Green Offset Program which provides ACE customers with the opportunity to purchase locally generated Green Energy Offsets from small generators in Alberta. SPARK’s Green Offset Program cuts through the red tape and regulatory barriers, and lets customers support renewable energy generators of their choice. ACE’s Green Power Rate customers can support a local wind farm, bio-fuel project, a group of solar/wind micro-generators in their community or a solar installation on a local school. As for the green generators, they just need to register with us and we take care of the paperwork. When customers select a renewable energy project or a specific group of micro-generators, we ensure that their financial support goes directly to the generators through an open and auditable process.

Over the last year of the program, we have directed thousands of dollars to Alberta-based micro-generators. Our list of new micro-generators is steadily growing every month and we are currently a supporting partner for Western Canada’s largest co-operatively owned solar farm by Alberta Solar Co-op.

It’s time for Albertans to take an active role in greening Alberta’s electricity grid, time to own our future… It’s time to SPARK Your Power!