Our (Your) Green Energy Investment Strategy

According to SPARK’s bylaws, 70% of our yearly profits are ear-marked for reinvestment into LOCAL Renewable Energy Projects and GHG reductions. That is a big commitment. Sustainable micro-generation, community-owned solar, run-of-river hydro – they’re all possible thanks to the power of ingenius folks working together for the greater good.

SPARK’s investment strategy will be defined by its members. Let’s be clear, it will take us some time to build up this investment pool. At 1000 members, it won’t be much, but once we get to 3000 members and more then the size of our investment pool starts to get interesting. The larger our member-owner base, the more leverage we will have in stimulating investment in new green power projects in the province. And you can help decide what we invest in.

Each year, we will conduct a call for investment ideas from our members – and you are invited to offer your input in designing the investment ideas and voting on what our final investment will be. Here are just some of the ideas that have come up from our members thus far:

  1. Supporting a feasibility study of a neighbourhood solar array
  2. Investing in a .8 Megawatt biomass burner that would take a small community off the grid
  3. Wholesale purchase of e-meters which will help you monitor and reduce your power consumption
  4. Financing energy retrofits for an older housing development

Go to our Facebook page and give us your ideas, or comment on the investment ideas of others.