Become a Member of the SPARK Co-operative

Although you can join SPARK as a customer and receive great electricity rates while supporting green energy, SPARK is also a co-operative. We are focused on bringing people together collaboratively in pursuit of a more environmentally friendly Alberta for all.

You are paying for your power bill on a monthly basis anyhow. By joining SPARK as a member, you will get some of the most competitive rates in the province, as well as:

  • You can be an owner in the business through our co-operative model – you won’t see any million dollar executive salaries here!
  • 70% of our yearly profits will be reinvested in renewable energy projects, and you can help decide how that is directed.
  • You’ll be entitled to a piece of our annual profits. If you like getting paid for doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to LOVE being a member-owner of SPARK! The amount of the distribution will be determined by the Board and Management Team. SPARK members are entitled to join either of these teams, and each member has a vote equal to every other member, independent of electrical consumption or investment in the business.

You decide on your level of involvement. You can simply pay your bills as you always have, knowing that you are enjoying some of the more competitive rates of electricity in the province and that you are contributing to an investment pool that is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta. Or, you can get more involved, get your family and friends interested, lead a push for an investment idea, or run for the board of directors. Your level of engagement is up you. Talk about democracy!

Even more good news? It only takes TWO minutes to sign up as a member! Your membership costs only $25 and is completely refundable should you decide to leave SPARK.

Click here to sign up today!