Alberta Renewable Energy Co-operative

Doing business as
SPARK Your Power, Our Future

Terms and Conditions of Membership

As a member owned business, you have a stake in our success. But best of all, you control your membership. You can be involved as much or as little as you like, from simply being a SPARK customer to becoming a Board Director. Of course the more active you are, particularly in encouraging other customers to use our services, the greater the value of your membership. The more customers we have, the lower we will keep our costs and the higher amounts we will be able to reinvest or pay as patronage dividends.

Membership in SPARK gives you:

The right to attend and vote on resolutions brought forward at the cooperative’s Annual General Meeting or any special meetings of the cooperative, including approving the cooperative’s reinvestment strategies.

The right to nominate or be nominated for the cooperative’s Board of Directors

The right to receive an equitable share in patronage dividends (a percentage of our profits based on your level of business with us) if and when they are declared by the Board of Directors.

Rights and Responsibilities

Members must be 18 years of age or older and be a customer in good standing with the cooperative and its related businesses.
An individual or corporation may only hold one membership share in the cooperative.

Corporate members must designate one individual as their representative. The individual designated as the contact person when applying for services to the cooperative shall be considered the designate, unless otherwise indicated in writing to the Board.

Upon approval of membership, applicants will be emailed a copy of the cooperative’s bylaws and a share account will be set up in the member’s name in the cooperative’s ledger.

Members wishing to terminate membership in the cooperative must do so in writing to the Board of the cooperative. Upon termination of membership, the cooperative will reimburse the full membership share.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you grant SPARK the right to add $25.00 to your upcoming month’s power bill as your payment of your membership share. This share will be held in a share account under your name.

Please note that the Board of the cooperative will review membership applications on a quarterly basis and reserves the right to reject any application at its discretion. In the unlikely event that your application is rejected, the full $25.00 membership fee shall be reimbursed.
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